Design of smart sensing systems for permanent deployment


Design of smart sensing systems for permanent deployment


Within the SBO project “Design of smart sensing systems for permanent deployment” we will develop design methods for a new machine or process, that take sensors and data processing/data transmission into account. This will allow to have affordable permanent instrumentation for monitoring/control/regulation/decision making.

In the current state of the practice, instrumentation is done after the design, limiting the installation options (due to geometrical constraints, data transmission possibilities, need for system modifications). Permanent solutions rely on a limited number of sensors and do not include dynamic quantities such as vibrations.

Project goals

In this project we want to develop a codesign approach of:

  1. Mechanical static and dynamic functional requirements;
  2. Relevant dynamic data for monitoring/control/regulation/decision making, and;
  3. Computational requirements (embedded deployment).

We will investigate sensing solutions of increasing complexity: direct measurements, sensor fusion and virtual sensors. The developed methodologies will allow to have optimal sensor placement, (virtual) sensing solutions and controllers that rely on optimally located mechanical quantities, local data processing/data transmission with well-designed systems, and a reasonable cost for mass production and permanent deployment. The focus will be on cost, installation and added value. A possible application case (SBO demonstrator) is a bearing load sensor for a specific machine.


Design4SmartSensing_SBO is a Strategic Basic Research (SBO) project. We are looking for companies to join the User Group and work with us on the valorisation of the project.

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